Welfare Policy

Welfare Policy

· Salary: provide rich and competitive salary and commission proportion in the same industry, and provide considerable year-end bonus according to the company's operation.

· Paid leave: 5-15 days of paid annual leave; domestic legal holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave, maternity leave, etc.

· Social insurance: purchase 'five insurances and one fund' in accordance with national requirements.

· Health care: arrange a physical examination for all staff once a year.

· Employee care: the company provides welfare arrangements for traditional festivals such as Mid Autumn Festival, women's day, Spring Festival and employee weddings and birthdays.

· Team building: the staff enjoy the funds for department activities; the company will arrange annual tourism once in a row; at the end of the year, the company will carry out various selections and lotteries, etc.

· Employee Awards: year-end incentive awards, talent introduction awards and other awards.

· Staff training: the company attaches great importance to staff training, adopts various training methods such as internal lecturer, external lecturer, vocational training and overseas training, and timely provides induction, on-the-job and management improvement training at different stages of staff's career development, so as to help employees continuously obtain advanced ability improvement of personal career development.

· Career development: the company provides employees with a broad, free and open career development platform, encourages and assists employees to achieve self-development in an all-round way within the enterprise, and provides employees with dual career development channels of management and professional technology.