Company Profile

Founded in Hong Kong in 2012, Richwell Electronics Co., Ltd. is a professional electronic component agency company based on RF devices. After 8 years of development,  Richwell’s products have covered RF Devices, Power Devices, Sensor Devices, Electroacoustic Devices, Structural Connectors Devices, Raw Material products, Wire &Cable etc.; Agent product lines include NDK, Wisol, ACX, ROFS, Radrock, Cannatek, Silergy, O2 ,Awinic, Broadchip, Prisemi, QST,GMEMS, Partron, Hitachi Metals, Wegot, X-chip, Fudan Micro, Richwill and more than 30 well-known international and domestic brands.

     We are an excellent team with more than 15 years of sales experience in communication industry. Through continuous market expansion, our market has involved Mobile Communication, Smart Wearers , Internet of Things(IOT), Internet of vehicles(IOV), Artificial Intelligence(AI), Mobile Payment, Intelligent Medicine, Server / cloud storage and other fields; it has been providing products and services for domestic and foreign well-known enterprises in various fields, including VIVO,OPPO,360, Sogou, BBK Edu, Meizu, Wingtech, Tinno, Sprocomm, Quectel, Sunsea, Fibocom, China Mobile IOT, Neoway , MEIG, Foryou, Nowada ,Newland,Urovo and other well-known enterprises at home and abroad. We have accumulated rich customer resources and good industry reputation.

    Based on product agency and existing market channels, Richwell electronics is actively engaged in the development and production of FFC wire harness, Industrial intelligent wire harness and Data line of Richwill Electronics Technology Co., Ltd, and has begun to take shape;

     Richwell Electronics has offices in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Xi'an and other places, and is equipped with strong FAE personnel to provide complete technical support and solutions.

     With the core value of 'Integrity wins the world, Cooperation creates the future', the business philosophy of 'Honesty, Professionalism, Responsibility and High Efficiency' and the motto of 'Have an ideal and To be the Doer of Deeds ', Richwell will build Richwell into one of the most competitive agent platforms in China and strive to develop into a Richwell group with technology, production and market as one.