President Message


Spring, Autumn, Cold and Summer alternating, time as fleeting, in an instant, Richwell Electronics Co., Ltd established nearly eight years. In the past eight years, with the attitude of 'Honesty, Pragmatism' and the style of 'Diligence, Persistence and Bravery', Richwell has made solid steps for its growth and development.


I am grateful to all of you who have worked together for the growth and development of Richwell; and I am so thankful your trust that you still continue to work hard for the success and development of Richwell with me together; I will still work with each of Richwell person in a down-to-earth manner, work hand in hand, and work together to achieve the Richwell persons’ good wishes of 'Rich, Healthy and Ideal' .


Every achievement and progress of Richwell is also inseparable from the support and help of suppliers, customers and partners. Richwell will continue to strengthen the construction of FAE team and provide better technical support for both of suppliers and customers; at the same time, it will integrate the resources of each superior product line, give full play to Richwell's deep understanding & professionalism of each product line, provide one-stop service of Components Distributors packaging, and to create a win-win situation for Suppliers, Customers and Richwell;


In the future, we will continue to adhere to the business philosophy of ' Integrity wins the world, Cooperation creates the future ', always stand at the forefront of the market, timely and efficiently serve all our partners, and realize the healthy and steady development of Richwell.





Richwell Electronics Co., Ltd

Shenzhen Fuyue Electronics Co., Ltd

President: Zhang Guoliang 

April 18, 2020