Company Culture


        Richwell’s operation and development follow the core management concept of 'people-oriented'; firmly believe that employees are the first resource of the company, strive to provide development space and platform for employees, and constantly implement the talent development strategy. 'Respect knowledge, respect talent' is the company's eternal talent concept.

       By giving full play to the enthusiasm and creativity of all employees and improving the technology, management and operation level of all employees, the company constantly improves its operation and management system, implements various forms of responsibility system, and constantly strengthens its strength and improves its economic efficiency.

         Richwell encourages all employees to study science, technology and cultural knowledge assiduously, to provide conditions and opportunities for employees to study and further study, to strive to improve the overall quality and level of employees, and to create a new thinking, hard style, strong business and skilled staff team. 

         Richwell encourages employees to actively participate in the company's decision-making and management, encourages employees to play their talents, and puts forward reasonable suggestions.

        Richwell implements the distribution system of 'post salary system' to provide income and welfare guarantee for employees, and gradually improve the treatment of employees in all aspects with the improvement of economic benefits. 

        Richwell provides employees with equal competitive environment and promotion opportunities.


        Business Philosophy: Sincerity & Honesty, Expert, Resposibility, High Efficiency

        Cove Value: Honesty wins the world, Cooperation for the future.

        Three Elements of Success: Diligence, Persistence, Bravery;

        Pursuing Goals:RICH, WELL, WILL